Vivid Announces Cutting System For Labels And More

Vivid Announces Cutting System For Labels And More

Comprising the same features and functionality of the Volta 64+ and Volta 69+, the VeloBlade Volta 1070+ opens up a world of new possibilities by bridging the gap between small format and wide format cutting and gives businesses the capability to work with sheets up to B1. Coupling the size of the system with the depth it can cut up to 10mm. Users will now be able to work with stocks up to B1 including; card, paper, labels, KT board, foam board, ABS board, corrugated paper and much more to create all the products customers need, on-demand.

After the reception the VeloBlade Volta range received, it quickly became apparent that, for some, they needed to be able to work with B1 and long sheet up to 1000mm for the type of work they are doing. With that in mind, the company set about introducing a system that enables businesses to do work exactly like this.

Scott Maxted of Adco Products said, ‘Having a digital cutter that allows us to process B1 size material was a game changer for Adco Products Ltd. Having spent a day with the Vivid team at their HQ where we initially went to see a 64+, we quickly realised the additional benefits of a B1 size machine to service and cater for the flexibility of product we produce and required. The Vivid team listened, innovated and offered a solution in super quick time. Our Veloblade Volta 1070+ is now on-site and producing great products.’

Sales Director at Vivid, Richard Marlow, said, ‘We’ve always taken pride in listening to our customer’s ideas, collaborating with them and implementing these ideas as efficiently as possible. That’s what our customers love about Vivid. The 1070+ was the ideal system size for a few of our customers, so we made it happen.’

The VeloBlade Volta range, which the 1070+ is a part of, offers systems starting from 600mm x 400mm with a maximum cut depth of 2mm, 5mm or 10mm.


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