Esko Launches Kongsberg C66 Digital Cutting Table


The Kongsberg C66 digital finishing table, integrated with Esko software solutions, is designed for short run production of corrugated applications.

The largest digital cutting table for heavy-duty corrugated production, it was developed based on market demand as part of Kongsberg’s robotics programme. Its combination of size, speed and precision on heavy-duty rigid materials such as corrugated cartons make it a flexible and effective alternative to conventional die-cutting equipment for short run corrugated productions of packaging and POP displays.

Unique in the marketplace, the Kongsberg C66 can run at 100m/min. It can handle either manual multi-zone production of large 2.2m x 3.2m sheets or single-zone production of large 2.5m x 4.8m corrugated sheets. This makes it ideally suited for the production of protective packaging with a maximum sheet size of 2.5m x 4.8m, corrugated containers made from HD double-wall or triple-wall corrugated and packaging and POP displays. The Kongsberg C66 is also capable of processing other materials required in the protective packaging environment, including foam cushioning materials.

The Kongsberg C66’s 3210mm x 4800mm (W x L) work area supports both large format and multi-zone production. Its Carbon Composite Traverse is extremely rigid, enabling high speed, fast acceleration and high quality creasing with minimal deflection. It allows the Kongsberg C66 to run at full production speed on much larger material without losing accuracy. The larger Kongsberg tables can be set up for MultiZone production, which maximises production efficiency by ensuring non-stop material processing. While one zone of the table is in action, an operator can set up the other zone by clearing the finished piece and loading a new sheet. While the operator works and prepares one zone, the machine works at the other zone, with automatic zone-change based on a simple operator handshake.

The i-cut Production Console (iPC) drives the table’s functionality, and includes capabilities such as camera control, machine set up, tool recognition, calibration and tool adjustments. Designed to guide and support the operator, it incorporates a number of logical, user-friendly features including an icon-based graphical interface with colour-coded alerts and updates. Combined with Device Manager, it offers the ability to follow production progress from a distance. Operators can prepare one job while producing another, increasing efficiency even more. The i-cut Production Console also allows estimation of cutting time based on job characteristics for more efficient scheduling. There is a wide variety of optional tool units available as well. These can be quickly mounted and prepared to cut and finish a specific job.

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