Esko Expands Corrugated And Folding Carton Tool Range


Esko has announced its corrugated perforation wheel that is suitable for corrugated board up to C flute 4mm and that fits directly into the 60mm crease tool. The tool is available for all XL, V and XN tables with no need for SW updates.

Esko has also launched the Psaligraphy Tool that enables more details in paper and folding cartons than previously possible, approaching the results provided by laser cutting. The Psaligraphy Tool is made for Kongsberg XN and V series tables running with iPC. This tool is typically used for greeting cards, invitation cards, promotional items and folding carton samples.

The Psaligraphy Tool works with the SR61XX blades, allowing fine cut details and burr-free cut. SW requirements: XL-guide, i-Cut or iPC release 1.2 (launching April 2015).

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