Esko ArtPro has turned 20. The number packaging prepress editor for the Mac platform is a full-featured packaging preproduction editor offering unique technologies and dedicated tools focused on relieving major prepress pain points. It supports all industry standard file formats and can be integrated into any packaging workflow. 

It is hard to believe that ArtPro has been in the market for two full decades,” says Bjorn Willems, Product Manager Interactive Premedia Applications at Esko. “And its capabilities have not stood still over all those years. We have many customers who have been using and benefiting from ArtPro in their packaging workflow since the beginning. ArtPro has grown with their businesses and evolved with market needs, maintaining premier market position in this space. Their wholehearted endorsement of ArtPro speaks for itself.”

Esko will continue to improve the existing packaging tools in ArtPro such as trapping, S&R and preflighting and at the same time respond to new trends in the packaging industry, said Bernard Zwaenepoel, Senior VP Software Business at Esko. In addition, the integration with other Esko solutions will be taking another step forward: structural design files from Studio and ArtiosCAD will be handled better and communication with Automation Engine and WebCenter will be further aligned. Finally, by modernizing the kernel, that will be shared with other Esko applications, ArtPro will become PDF native, platform independent and more productive than ever!

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