Entrepreneurs Can Explore Business Opportunities at the Africa Print Expo


The Africa Print Expo is an ideal opportunity for budding entrepreneurs looking for ideas for start-ups and profitable add-ons to existing businesses. The event, taking place from 7-9 September at Gallagher Convention Centre, is also a good networking opportunity to get advice from industry experts on the digital printing market.

Business opportunities include:

3D Printing

3D printing is gaining momentum as printers investigate how they can profit from this exciting technology. Leading brands will exhibit 3D printing machines as well as various products printed by these machines.

David Bullock, Director of Rapid 3D, said, 'Some of the many applications possible with 3D printing include: jewellery, metal, ceramics, hearing aids, applications in the dental industry, medicine, architecture, fully functional prototyping and much more.

'Any industry you can think of has some or other application for a 3D printing technology. 3D printing's major strength is that it can handle very complex objects. That's where the
technology really comes to the fore.'

Digital Packaging

'Digital printing makes packaging resonant, impactful and helps build brands,' said Silas Amos, Creative Director for jkr UK, who has has over 25 years' experience as a designer and strategic partner for global FMCG companies. He added that brands value being unique, because those that stand out get noticed, and digital printing offers customers unique products with unique packaging. With digital, packaging can also be very specific and localised, for example, instead of targeting products at an entire country, digital printing allows you to produce smaller runs so you can target a town, or province with specific packaging. He added that the speed of digital printing gives brands the opportunity to be topical and produce 'real-time' packaging where they take advantage of trends.

The Africa Print expo and will feature packaging and digital printing solutions from leading brands. It will also provide a range of educational touch-points that are designed to invigorate print solution providers, giving them free access to a variety of topics and deliver insight on the latest technologies, trends and business opportunities.