Enfocus Reveals PitStop 12 Update 3


Enfocus has released Enfocus PitStop 12 update 3. It supports Mac OS X Yosemite and includes a range of new and user-requested features that improve the quality of PDF pre-flighting and editing.

As PDF files have become the standard for file exchange in the graphic arts industry, critical gaps have emerged in PDF workflows. PitStop technology covers these gaps, giving users tools that go beyond quality control and enable manual and automated error correction that guarantees reliable PDF processing and output.

As Andrew Bailes-Collins, Senior Product Manager at Enfocus, noted, ‘Since its introduction, PitStop has helped customers worldwide solve the challenges that occur with PDF file production and output. It has become the must-have product for anybody working with PDF files in the graphics arts industry, used by over 130000 customers all over the world to detect, correct and edit problems within PDF files.’

‘The value of this wide network of customers gives us a tremendous benefit. They are a great source of ideas and information on how we can make our technology even better. You can clearly see the input of our users in this latest release of PitStop technology. Their input, combined with our development efforts, makes PitStop 12 update 3 an important resource for our customers and for anybody working with PDF files,’ he said.

Apple recently announced its OS X 10.10 Yosemite, and PitStop 12 update 3 is officially supporting this new version. This compatibility gives users the opportunity to take advantage of the features in this new operating system.

PitStop 12 update 3 includes several new actions that better support the speed, accuracy and output of PDFs that are managed with PitStop. These actions include:
• Add Colour Bar: this new action lets users automatically generate a colour bar using the document colours of each individual page. While users can still control tint values, patch size and position, the automatic generation of the colour bar saves time and ensures greater colour accuracy in production.
• Match, Fill and Stroke Colours: this new action fills a request heard from many PitStop customers. It lets users change the stroke to match the fill, and vice versa, based on the selected objects.
• Flatten Annotations: this new action builds on a previous ‘Flatten form fields’ action that was released in an earlier version of PitStop 12. Because that action had no configurable options, users reported that some of these annotations were causing issues on output. This new action solves that problem by giving users the tools to flatten annotations so they become normal objects within the PDF.

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