EFI Releases Cloud-Based Fiery Navigator Software


Fiery Navigator is a new cloud-based product that gives print service providers insight into their production data to optimise resource allocation, ensure compliance with operating procedures and make smart equipment decisions.
This is the first offering based on EFI’s new cloud platform, and makes it easy for users to monitor their production operations anywhere, at any time, from a standard web browser. Users gain more versatility in their ability to track production metrics, while in the shop or remotely, for smarter digital print management.
John Henze, EFI’s vice president of Fiery marketing said, ’Running a successful print operation requires the right equipment and tools. But print service providers also need business intelligence to stay competitive and increase profitability. We are excited to provide that with Fiery Navigator. Gaining operation-wide insights helps customers analyse usage patterns, identify areas of improvement, and act quickly to increase efficiency and impact their bottom line.’
Fiery Navigator captures key operational data points and displays production analytics for Fiery Driven™ printers in a comprehensive, customisable dashboard.

Users can identify opportunities to improve productivity, find potential cost reductions, and ensure the highest output quality by:
• Comparing device performance and reallocating resources to maximise equipment usage.
• Analysing operator behaviour to uncover areas where staff need additional training.
• Establishing standard operating procedures and monitoring whether operators are in compliance.
• Evaluating asset usage for upcoming equipment purchases or renewal planning.
• Identifying patterns of consumables usage to forecast volume demands based on historical trends.

Fiery Navigator can also store an optimal configuration package of Fiery settings and deploy them across all Fiery Driven devices of the same model. Standardising configurations can ensure consistent output quality for more sellable prints, reduced training, and higher customer satisfaction. Print providers with individual printer models can quickly restore each Fiery server to its previous state by using a backup of its configuration from Fiery Navigator.

Fiery Navigator appeals to a broad range of users, from a small quick printer or franchisee with a few printers, to commercial printers with numerous devices and multiple locations, to large retailers with hundred of locations. Today, Fiery Navigator consists of four modules that deliver different types of data interaction, with the future capability to enable additional functionality across all market segments.

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