EFI™ has launched its newest Fiery® platform for cut-sheet digital production systems. The EFI Fiery FS150 Pro digital front end (DFE) offers faster processing, unsurpassed image quality, seamless MIS/ERP integration and easier-to-use automated workflows.
The HyperRIP pushes performance to the limit by simultaneously processing a print job on four processor cores. As a result, users can get their full-colour digital print jobs processed up to 55% faster than Fiery Driven™ presses without HyperRIP.
John Henze, vice president, Fiery marketing, EFI said, ‘With the new FS150 Pro technology, we dramatically improve the already industry-leading processing time of Fiery DFEs. That best-in-class Fiery performance, combined with easy-to-use automated workflows, gives in-plant print departments and commercial printers the power to complete work faster with outstanding accuracy, even on complex jobs.’
The Fiery FS150 Pro DFE has all the advanced imaging features that made its predecessor the first DFE platform to carry a 100% perfect pass label from VIGC’s PDF RIP Audit. Users can be confident that their output matches the designer’s intent on the first print, including a new unique grayscale composite overprint feature that ensures correct monochrome printing of overprints, drop shadows and transparencies.
Fiery ImageViewer, an application that allows users to view full resolution raster data in real time and adjust the final raster output before printing, now includes the ability to save last-minute colour adjustments so future jobs that require the same type of colour correction can be produced faster.
‘EFI raised the bar again with its Fiery FS150 Pro,’ according to Kaspar Roos, associate director of production workflow solutions at analyst firm InfoTrends. ‘With its speed enhancements, better colour management and productivity improvements, it is a perfect fit for demanding print environments.’
The latest version of Fiery Command WorkStation® software included with the Fiery FS150 Pro DFE puts automated production controls at users’ fingertips which results in more job automation. Server-based automated workflows are easy for system administrators to set up and deploy, allowing operators to produce jobs in fewer clicks and with reduced errors.
The Fiery FS150 Pro DFE integrates seamlessly with EFI’s market-leading MIS/ERP software, eCommerce/Web-to-Print products and scheduling tools. As a result, customers can easily optimise their print load and track both expenses and profits in a complete, connected business operations workflow.
Additional features and benefits include:
• Support for APPE 3.0, Adobe’s latest PDF-native rendering platform.
• Fiery JobMaster, an advanced make-ready solution, brings additional tab design features to tackle complex tab layouts and produce unique jobs, giving users the ability to print multi-bank and bleed-edge tabs with ease.
• The free Fiery Go app for iPhones and iPads allows busy users to monitor and manage print jobs from anywhere in the print shop while doing other tasks.
• An expanded colour library for brand colour matching, including the 84 new colours recently issued in the PANTONE Plus Series.
• Fiery Integration Manager that significantly reduces the effort needed to establish time and money-saving workflow integrations through Job Definition Format (JDF) configuration settings.
• Fiery API support for development of custom applications and tools to meet specific user needs.

The first DFEs based on the Fiery FS150 Pro system platform will be available starting from June 2014.