EFI Announces Printing, Packaging And Software Solutions At Virtual Conference

EFI Engage Commences Virtually Encompassing Printing, Packaging, Inkjet And More

EFI Engage features groundbreaking new innovations that accelerate customers’ ability to profitably and efficiently transition from analogue to digital printing. The 25 January – 5 February event features a virtual exhibition hall, along with demonstrations and presentations on advanced Productivity Suite MIS/ERP, inkjet printing, and Fiery digital front end (DFE) solutions as well as commercial printing, packaging and inkjet display graphics applications.

‘EFI Engage features a wealth of content and information to help customers learn about important new opportunities, as well as gain actionable ideas that can propel them into a more efficient and profitable ‘next normal’ phase of business,’ said EFI Chairman and CEO Jeff Jacobson. ‘Attendees will learn about the strengths they can create in the future with leading-edge workflow innovation, along with the important expansion in print’s analogue-to-digital evolution that comes with our newest, most-advanced inkjet solutions.’

New product solutions:

The new version 9 releases in EFI’s Productivity Suite offerings, which provide comprehensive, validated, end-to-end business and production management workflows for commercial print, mailing, display graphics, publication and packaging operations – based on EFI’s industry-leading MIS/ERP platforms, including Monarch, Pace™, Radius®, CTI and Technique software.

The newest release of EFI’s Fiery Command WorkStation® management interface, version 6.6, which delivers the company’s most-robust search interface capabilities and powers faster curve and spot-colour editing capabilities, along with access to a host of additional features, such as the EFI IQ™ suite of cloud-based applications to help printing businesses extract value from data to minimise bottlenecks, optimise equipment utilisation and achieve higher print quality.

The latest version of Fiery JobFlow™, a prepress production automation solution that now gives users the power to significantly upscale images with excellent output quality, reorganise PDF pages to make long jobs more manageable, and collect jobs based on time to ensure meeting production deadlines.

The new EFI Fiery Command WorkStation offering – the free, central interface used to direct hundreds of thousands of Fiery Driven™ digital print devices around the world – helps users manage their digital print operations better, even across multiple printers and locations, and produce higher quality print with fewer mistakes.

One early Fiery Command WorkStation 6.6 user, Tom Griffiths, CEO of Slough, England-based design and print agency Page Visions, drives more efficient work when creating and managing jobs – especially through the ability to create and save very specific searches.

‘The latest features delivered in Fiery Command WorkStation make it more than just a pre-press and press operators’ tool,’ said Griffiths. ‘The new Advanced Search with version 6.6 means we are able to get very granular with our job filtering and combine parameters to create production efficiencies.’

An important production innovation for cut-sheet digital printing – the integration between EFI Fiery Impose software and Duplo DC-618 slitter/cutter/creaser devices – automates job preparation and finisher setup for higher-value custom jobs. The integration cuts the initial set-up time of the workflow in half and saves users up to 70% in set-up time preparing printing jobs with seamless, automated, two-way communication.

In addition to the latest EFI workflow, Fiery DFE and inkjet display graphics offerings featured in EFI Engage’s exhibit area. This year’s conference also features advanced solutions from participating partners, including 3M™ Commercial Solutions; Aberdeen Fabrics; Duplo®; ISCorp™; Lubrizol®, Progress® Software Corp.; Ricoh®; and Thomson Reuters®.


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