ECRM Incorporated will showcase a new line-up at drupa, including the new digitally modulated screening, DMS, based on a patented technology that is outperforming any other screening product in the graphic arts market today, as well as the new Nautilus 8, a new B1 low-cost violet commercial CtP machine that meets or exceeds thermal imaging quality standards.
Creating innovations in design and developing new patented technologies is how we’ve maintained our leadership position for over 40 years, noted Rick Black, ECRM President and CEO. Since 2002, we’ve concentrated on implementing the latest in violet technology and applying new design and manufacturing techniques to the needs and wants of a value-hungry market. The newest of these innovative offerings is ECRM’s NEWSmax, now the fastest and most flexible CtP solution for the newspaper and publishing market with speeds of up to 400 plates per hour. ECRM’s objective is to match the right products to the customers’ needs, as well as maintain our role as the price performance leader in CtP.
Available as a CtP RIP upgrade option for all ECRM dealers and customers, the new ECRM DM Screening image enhancement and ink savings software uses patented technology that produces superior highlight and shadow detail (1% to 99% on press), as well as greatly enhanced contrast. Users also benefit from lower ink consumption. In testing at newspapers around the world, estimated ink savings of 15% to 25% over a conventional AM screen has been achieved. For the commercial printer, the resulting print quality is equivalent to a conventional 350-400 lpi.
Compared to FM screening, ECRM DM Screening is easier to calibrate, easier to control on both plate and press, and offers smoother flat tints. DM Screening digitally modulates each and every pixel, rather than repeating a fixed pattern of dots (as in AM screening) or randomly marking pixels (as in FM screening). The result is an unprecedented quality of screening, which is easy to plate and print using ECRM platesetters.
Industry Fastest: NEWSmax
The fully automated ECRM NEWSmax CTP family provides new levels of simplicity, versatility and economy with high-speed performance. Available in production speeds from 100 up to 400 plates per hour, the NEWSmax is the newspaper industry’s fastest production platesetter. Engineered for high-volume plate production publishers, NEWSmax is an ideal solution for either semi- or fully-automated CtP production.
DPP 1200 Digital Press
The ECRM DPP 1200, 2-up digital press, is positioned to deliver commercial quality colour for the demands of today’s commercial printer. This innovative solution offers an economically-priced compliment to the digital service provider’s capabilities and production options. The digital press produces high-quality business cards, flyers, inserts, brochures, magazine covers, real-estate pages and much more, while supporting line screens up to 175 lpi. The company will be demonstrating the DPP1200, with the optional envelope feeder and stacker, enabling service providers to efficiently offer personalized and image-enhanced mailers in short runs.