Ecce Terram has launched a new photo book app for Facebook, a white-label application which enables members of the social network to create and order photo books from their favourite photo services provider, which are generated directly from a Facebook photo album. According to photo industry surveys, most of the more than 800 million Facebook members use the social network to store and share digital photos with family members, friends and co-workers, using the platform’s Photo Album feature.  

The custom brand-able app now clears the way for large retailers and photo services to generate new photo book orders from a so far underdeveloped source.
Facebook has become the premier destination for consumers to share and store their photo memories, said Frank Simon, president and CEO of Ecce Terram USA. For retail chains and photo processing services, the white-label version of our photo book app for Facebook could well be the key to unlock the huge potential of this market.
The app is backed by Ecce Terram’s long-standing experience with large-scale software deployments for the photo industry. Order processing is handled by the companys Photo2Lab CentralHub middleware. The software facilitates complete solutions from photo ordering to processing in commercial labs, and also supports standard software installations, as well as customisation for large photo processing centres.
The company positions its photo book app for Facebook as a logical addition to the company’s order channel solutions for desktop, online, mobile and kiosk platforms. For large retail chains with the Photo2Lab infrastructure already in place, configuration and deployment of the app to work with their existing order processing system can be completed within a matter of days.
Time-to-market for new photo products and services is a major reason why large retailers have come to rely on Photo2Lab solutions provided by our company, said Jay Hitchens, Project Manager at Ecce Terram.
The German version of the photo book app for Facebook has already been successfully stress-tested during the strong start phase of Germany’s holiday shopping season on, which was bustling last year.
Facebook members who install the white-label version can simply select an album on their Facebook page, choose a background color and pick an image frame. Once they have chosen the pictures to include, added short text comments (optional), defined the sort order and determined the cover photo, they can order the photo book to be shipped – all from within Facebook.
By offering the new Ecce Terram photo book app, a customer can now enable consumers to create thoughtful, elegant photo book gifts, when and where it’s most convenient for them – on Facebook, said Frank Simon. For consumers, it allows them to free their photos from the fleeting digital domain, and create lasting gifts. For Ecce Terram customers, we expect it to significantly increase order volumes.