Duplo International’s New Booklet Maker Reduces Production Time

Duplo Internationals New Booklet Maker Reduces Production Time

The new DBM-700 offers a seamless blend of advanced automation and versatility to cater to the diverse needs of modern printing operations. It has been engineered to increase capacity, and expand capabilities, empowering businesses to elevate their print and booklet production.

Designed to diversify booklet making capabilities and optimise productivity, and engineered to accommodate print outputs from multiple presses, this high-capacity booklet maker streamlines workflows, significantly reducing production time and manual touch points while maintaining exceptional quality.

One of the standout features of the DBM-700 is its adaptability, effortlessly handling a wide array of printing jobs, including the unique capability to create square spine booklets. This innovative functionality opens a world of creative possibilities for meeting the demands of the widest range of applications and expanding the horizons, all from a single booklet system.

Other Features:

Enhanced Automation

The DBM-700 is designed to streamline operations, featuring a high degree of automation that simplifies complex tasks, ensuring accurate and efficient booklet production.

Thicker Book Capacity

With an expanded capacity to handle thicker books, this system empowers businesses to take on a broader range of projects, accommodating diverse client needs effortlessly.

Higher Speed

Significantly elevating production efficiency, the DBM-700 operates at an accelerated pace, reducing turnaround times and meeting the demands of high-volume projects without compromising quality.

Square Spine Innovation

The addition of a square spine feature introduces a higher level of finished quality to the booklets, offering a professional finish that delivers a highly premium offering. The DBM-700’s versatility ensures it is well-suited for a diverse array of applications, enabling printers to handle an extensive range of projects with ease.

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