DALIM SOFTWARE Announces New Workflow Solution For Print Providers

DALIM SOFTWARE Announces New Workflow Solution

DALIM ES6, an advanced project planning, production workflow and asset management system, is used by brands, publishers, print providers and agencies to oversee all facets of print and online production projects. This ranges from project planning to reduce time to market, to helping with design and production of content.

DALIM ES6, which has new features, can be hosted on-premises or in the Cloud (for example, with the power of Amazon Web Services), with all required security.

With improvements to the Key performance indicator (KPI) system, users can now access a wide range of data and reports to get a complete overview of their production performance. Reports on job, department and organisational efficiencies will allow users to measure the productivity of their business and make improvements where required. With an interactive report builder and simple layout editor to embed them into a dashboard, users can spend less time building these reports.

Users can join stakeholders, map tasks and monitor progress as they complete their assignments. Along with KPIs, users can build dashboards, where all reports – project planning and KPIs in the form of calendars, tasks, Gantt, resources, workflows or Kanban – can be combined and displayed inside a single interface. It offers customised real-time transparency of all processes, all within one interface.

The new DALIM ES6 React interface delivers a novel intuitive experience that streamlines the user experience to get work done even quicker. With a wide range of new components, users can build even more interactive desktops, helping them design their own efficiencies into the interface.

With much more remote work, companies are relying upon robust online collaboration systems. Workflows and communications surrounding DALIM ES are faster, with personalised shortcuts and annotations. With high-resolution multiple-page viewing, users can perform side-by-side comparisons of content. Just as important, the proofing system is capable not only for print, but for rich media like websites as well as video, banners and quick 3D rendering — all in one place.

DALIM ES is not merely a digital asset management system nor just a production workflow system. It combines a digital asset management system with a powerful, automated workflow to transform content efficiently. Users work on content more easily than ever in a Web browser, share documents, or create contact sheets. The interface automatically manages revisions and produces assets during check-ins and checkouts.

A job ticket must be simple to use and understand. With DALIM ES6, everyone can customise job tickets with a simple WYSIWYG editor while making it seamless to access content metadata. By connecting to an ERP, online project monitoring becomes a corporate-wide resource.

DALIM ES6 has enriched intelligence. For example, by adding a thesaurus, administrators can improve searches, asking the system to use artificial intelligence to find similar assets. Along with metadata tagging, searches will locate synonym words. DALIM ES can also be integrated with third-party automated keyword searching systems.

DALIM ES6 incorporates a new Adobe CC plugin for seamless, remote integration between the DALIM ES6 DAM and the Adobe Creative Suite. This provides the perfect opportunity for Adobe CC users to work from anywhere via the ES DAM, even without direct access to production volumes.

Printers need to serve brands by reducing time to market with quality work. DALIM ES6 offers a wide range of tools for the print provider, including project management, a world-class production workflow, online proofing and DAM. This ranges from project planning, to tasks to help design and produce print materials. DALIM ES6 workflows automate repetitive steps to reduce costs, ensuring no steps are missed. The product can be scaled to handle any number of traditional and digital presses.


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