Creative Edge Software Launches iC3D Version 4.1


Version 4.1 includes Creative Edge Software’s latest technological advance, Bump Displacement, which expands the potential for designers to create unique 3D shapes and surfaces, providing a greater sense of depth, detail and photographic accuracy.

With iC3D v4.1, Bump Displacement, also known as Displacement Mapping, enables packaging creatives to quickly create and visualise emboss or deboss design features to a photorealistic standard in a matter of minutes. The development is of particular relevance to the luxury and security packaging sectors where unique and complex shapes in glass, plastic and carton are used to distinguish premium products and ensure that they are more difficult to copy.

Previously, to achieve photorealistic mockups or proofs of emboss/deboss, design devices required the use of high-end specialist, proprietary software applications.

According to Nick Gilmore, CEO of Creative Edge Software, the beauty of the iC3D Bump Displacement feature is its simplicity and speed. ‘Luxury brands use selective embossing and debossing to convey a higher pedigree for their products. It’s the very complexity of producing the packaging that distinguishes it from regular high-street brands,’ he explained. ‘Nevertheless, through meticulous research and development, our software designers have delivered the programming that can visualise these complex techniques, realistically and in real-time.’

The Bump Displacement feature of iC3D v4.1 allows the user to take a line drawing, logo or any shape created in Adobe Illustrator, and apply it to the surface of a carton, glass, plastic, or metal object, but working in real time. Simple sliders are then used to choose the depth of emboss or deboss. Once satisfied with positioning, size and style of emboss/deboss, iC3D Ray Tracing can be applied to accurately simulate the effects of light on the object and produce a photorealistic, ultra-high-resolution photo studio effect. As with all iC3D mockups, the 3D results can then be scrutinised from all angles by brand owners, production engineers and other stakeholders using iC3D Opsis via any web browser on any smartphone, tablet or computer.

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