CHILI Publish has launched CHILI Publisher 4.0, which now supports all types of work environments, including Flash and HTML 5. This new framework means that CHILI Publisher can easily adapt as technology evolves, giving customers the confidence of knowing that their investment in CHILI Publisher will continue to meet their needs over the long term.

When developing version 4.0, we didn’t just aim to keep pace with where the market is today. We wanted to break the mold on what defines an online editing solution. The result of that inventive thinking is a new version of CHILI Publisher that includes a complete transformation of the editor and new functionality to enable customers to grow by expanding into new markets, new devices, and new opportunities, said Bram Verniest, CMO of CHILI Publish.

What makes this 4.0 version so compelling are the changes we’ve made to the architecture of our product, said Verniest. We overhauled the editor so it is now completely independent of whatever environment the user is working in – HTML 5, Flash, or any future platform. In addition, we’ve added functionality that enables customers to expand their business: features like 3D personalisation, online publishing and support for mobile devices. This release marks a significant milestone for CHILI Publish, but most importantly, it gives our customers an online editing solution that can help their business flourish today and in the future.

Online Communications

Using version 4.0, a user can edit a document in CHILI Publisher and export it to HTML 5 where it can then be used as the basis for online communications such as an email campaign. Users can create one document that meets the brand criteria, and use it across communication channels, saving time and ensuring brand compliance in all forms of communications.

Mobile Editing

As the use of mobile devices continues to rise, CHILI Publish keeps pace by bringing the power of online editing to these devices. Extending the editing experience to mobile devices opens up a whole new group of potential users and use cases. 

3D Visualisation

With version 4.0, users can present their personalized documents on 3D images. For example, a personalized label can be visualized on a bottle and that bottle can then be placed on a table in a restaurant, giving users a real-world view on how their design would appear.

Version 4.0 also includes tools that better support the online editing process. It is compatible with Adobe® Creative Cloud, and the update to the CHILI Publish framework means that it will be compatible with future releases of Adobe software. In addition, the release includes preflight tools that enable users to identify and fix potential problems before they reach production.

CHILI Publisher 4.0 will be commercially available end of Q4, 2013.