EFI announced the Jetrion® 4950LX LED printer at Labelexpo held at Belgium, Brussels from 24-27 September 2013. This press brings higher resolution, and is faster throughput with full LED curing to the Jetrion 4900 product line of modular digital label printing systems. 

EFI also exhibited the new finishing modules for the Jetrion 4900 product line – a new varnish/lamination module and a new high-power laser cutter, which was demonstrated on the EFI Jetrion 4900-330 on EFIs stand 9H55. EFI’s web-to-print tool for packaging companies and packaging ERP/MIS products were also demonstrated.

The new Jetrion 4950LX LED printer extends the versatile capabilities of EFI’s digital label printing systems, and users can now produce more primary applications with a higher image quality of up to 720 x 720dpi and finer two-point text. 

The LED curing technology enables thin and traditionally difficult stocks to be printed, increasing the overall flexibility of this machine for the production of flexible packaging and shrink sleeves, all while reducing costs with lower energy usage and significantly longer lamp life.

The new finishing modules for the 4900 printer family being shown on the Jetrion 4900-330 include a varnish/ lamination module, which extends the in-line finishing options available on the machine, and a new high-powered laser cutter, available in single-head (500W) or dual-head (1000W) configuration, which provides the speed and versatility for label producers working at widths of 330mm for a fast, precision integrated in-line production system. 

EFI’s Jetrion 4900-330 and Jetrion 4950LX,  are both presses driven by EFI’s Fiery® digital front end for superior performance and colour management.

Rene Klith, production director at Limo Labels AS, Randers, Denmark said, We needed an industrial machine, which ruled out many of the presses on the market. What impressed us with the Jetrion 4900 was its design that allowed printing and finishing in one-pass by one operator. This allows us to offer something different to the toner-based lines. Detailed cost comparisons proved conclusively that it would be more economical to run over the long term, with fast set-up times and the lack of tooling cost. It’s the cost per label that counts.

Jan Frederik Vink, managing director of Kolibri Labels (‘S-Heerenberg, the Netherlands) comments, Only one digital printing machine guarantees the flexibility that our clients increasingly require. For example, if a customer places an order at 4 pm, we are often able to dispatch the digitally-printed labels as early as 11 am the next day thanks to our EFI Jetrion press, 

EFI also showed their business software portfolio

• EFI Gamsys packaging ERP/MIS for French speaking companies.

• EFI Radius packaging ERP/MIS for medium to large size companies.

• EFI Digital StoreFront web-to-print tool for packaging companies. It is integrated to Gamsys and Radius and available in 16 languages.

• EFI Printflow Dynamic Scheduling, now available for Radius as an option.