The ORIS Flex Pack // Web system will have even greater appeal to the market with the newly-launched enhancements. The system is still built around CGS’ award winning colour proofing software – ORIS Color Tuner // Web and consists of specially developed software to drive the Roland VersaCAMM VS range of wide format printers.

The system also includes a range of specially developed media to simulate almost every packaging/label printing application.

The enhancements to the system include:

• XG Inks – wider colour gamut for Roland VersaCAMM VS.

• ORIS Media Transfer Film – print on a variety of substrates with eco solvent inks.

• FFEI RealPro Packaging Suite – Tools to automate and speed up packaging/label design.

The label and packaging markets are undergoing profound change – driven by hard economics and a host of new technology developments, said company CEO Andreas Kämmerer. Just as we helped publishers and commercial printers thrive amidst this type of change – with our ORIS software and consumables – so too we are helping every member of the label and packaging supply chain.

Colour Everywhere

CGS’ approach to ross-fleet colour management has gained widespread acceptance among printing companies of all sizes and type – providing consistent, high quality colour output over multiple devices and device types, including calibrated colour displays. The company is extending that advantage beyond the prepress department and pressroom, now giving designers, FMCG companies, and brand owners new tools to produce compelling and consistent colour more efficiently, including special effects – from labels and packaging to collateral, signage and advertising.

Colour is always a critical element in creating a successful brand, said Kämmerer. Making sure the colour is always right is the ORIS edge.

Full Colour Printing
The Roland VersaCAMM VS line of wide format printers has become very popular with label
and packaging printers.

The new XG Inks – first previewed at drupa – provide a wider colour gamut than the standard ink set and include orange and green, giving label and packaging designers, prepress professionals and brand managers the opportunity to prototype their work in full colour, just the way it will print (the colour gamut capabilities make it possible simulate close to 100% of printed colours including Pantone).

The ink set also includes white and silver (allows for producing metallic effects in the design). The new ORIS Flex Pack // Web System, managed by CGS award winning ORIS Color Tuner // Web software and, the combination of Roland VersaCAMM VS and XG Inks opens up a world of new possibilities.

Seeing the Real Thing
To view label or packaging proofs on the actual material to be used, UV printers are often the only solution. However, not all UV printers have a sufficiently wide colour gamut, or lack special colours like metallics. ORIS Media Transfer Film for the Roland VersaCAMM VS is an ideal solution, providing wide-gamut colour capabilities on virtually all substrates. The printed film is easily laminated to the selected media for a vivid and accurate proof of the finished product. This is particularly useful where the printing substrate is coloured or textured.

Workflow Advantage
RealPro Packaging Suite includes a toolkit that automates the label and packaging production process and significantly reduces operational costs. The software provides modular, scalable, easy-to-use Adobe Illustrator plugins for trapping, step and repeat, warping, and more. RealPro also includes RealVue 3D Packager – a 3D visualisation environment for labelling and packaging print service providers. RealVue 3D Packager allows packaging designers and printers to create 3D digital visuals of designs – that can be easily sent to customers. This tool can greatly reduce the time taken to get concept sign-off.