CERM Announces Variable Data Printing Integration

CERM Announces Variable Data Printing Integration

Variable elements like names, barcodes, images or logos can be changed from one printed piece to the next, making each product unique. But it’s long and winding road to get there and there are various obstacles.

Variable data printing is a digital printing technology that allows users to personalise every printed piece within their complete printing job. The new Esko-CERM integration eliminates patchwork, reduces manual touchpoints and automates the complete prepress workflow.

Complex label cases like duo and tri labels, multiple press runs, hybrid printing and vertical kits used to be time-consuming and the result of a long and error prone process, making it inefficient and unprofitable. The CERM MIS now connects a user’s customer database to the correct artwork files while prepress job and product details are shared and submitted in the background via JDF from CERM MIS to Esko Automation Engine.

This integration for variable data printing is the latest edition to the existing CERM-Esko Automation Engine interface. By streamlining and standardising a usually complex workflow, the performance of the user’s digital presses is increased, and potential errors are avoided.


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