Bytes Document Solutions Promotes Uses Of Near Field Communication


Bytes Document Solutions share insight into the efficient use of Near Field Communication (NFC). NFC enables devices to communicate with each other when they are 10 centimeters or closer to each other, also referred to a Tap-to-Pair.

NFC can be used to obtain a network interface to establish a TCP/IP connection between a device and the printer. Currently the NFC feature is supported on the Xerox VersaLink printers and a few others. For instance the WorkCentre 3335/3345, Phaser 3330, Phaser 6510 and the WorkCentre 6515 have NFC available as an option upon purchasing the NFC Enablement Kit.

After enabling NFC to print wirelessly install the Xerox Print Services plug-in on an Android device; the plug-in is attainable through the Google Play store. Make sure NFC is enabled before enabling the Plug-in features.

To enable NFC:

1.In the Embedded Web Server, log in as a system administrator, then click Connectivity.
2.In the Connections area, click NFC.
3.To enable NFC, enable the toggle button.
4.Click OK.

To configure the device to use plugins:

1.Click System > Plug-in Settings.
2.For Plug-in Feature, enable the toggle button.
3.Click Close.

Note: For the new settings to take effect, restart the printer.

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