Bytes Document Solutions Announces Xerox Versant 180 Installation


Since installing a new Xerox Versant 180 digital press from Bytes Document Solutions and XBC-IT, Colour King has announced a new range of services.

The Versant 180 marks further investment into digital printing by Colour King, which will also significantly improve the company’s ability to service its traditional litho customer base.

‘We have extensive experience in the print industry and an impeccable track record spanning almost three decades. Our focus has been on offset printing and it was a good and natural fit to expand our digital offerings’, said Gareth de Matos.

‘Many of our customers have grown accustomed to the faster turnaround times associated with digital printing, and as digital printing increases year on year, we needed to stay ahead of the competition. We also wanted to ensure flawless registration, colour consistency and accuracy for all our customers, while also expanding our options to include printing on magnetic and synthetic media.’

Colour King needed something more efficient, and after extensive research that identified Xerox as the leading supplier of commercial printing solutions, Colour King chose the Xerox Versant 180 from Xerox Business Partner, XBC–IT.

The Versant provides a combination of Xerox innovations, including Xerox EA Toner, an Ultra HD 2400 x 2400dpi engine with 10-bit RIP, and an advanced compact belt fuser that provides just the right amount of consistent heat and pressure for a given stock. The Versant 180 sets a new bar for versatility with uncompromising print quality.

It can operate at full speed with a large variety of media and stock weights, from 52 to 350gsm, and features Xerox’s Simple Image Quality Adjustment (SIQA) that automates image-to-media alignment, image transfer adjustment and automated density uniformity to ensure accurate alignment, consistent toner density and texture, and flawless image registration from print to print, job to job.

SIQA works with the Versant’s Integrated Registration Alignment (IRA) technology to make registration easy, accurate and automated, allowing Colour King to produce higher quality jobs faster, on more media types, with better output and less waste.

‘Colour King knew what they were looking for in terms of innovation, expansion and growth, and the Xerox Versant was an easy choice’, said James Carruthers – XBC PSG Account Manager. ‘We know that a digital press is a large investment and we wanted Colour King to make the right decision that delivers the best results to their business and their bottom line.’

‘We presented them with the most balanced, yet advanced digital press on the market,’ said Carruthers. ‘Not only will the Versant 180 give them greater controls and reduced costs, but it will also help them introduce faster, same-day proofing for their litho work.’

De Matos agreed, ‘In the Versant 180 we have a platform on which to build a highly efficient, high quality, revenue generating digital service, from long sheet and variable media support to faster turnaround times. There is a lot of competition out there, and having a product like the Versant will allow us to offer speedier and more excellent services. It will certainly help us create a competitive advantage for our clients as we become a one-stop shop for all their printing, and help us break into new market segments.

‘The Versant has been a great addition to our business and has had a huge impact on our business. I am very happy with the service I have received from XBC-IT and Bytes Document Solutions. I am confident that we have reliable and reputable partners that match the prestige and credibility associated with the Xerox brand, both locally and worldwide.’

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