Bobst Introduces THQ FlexoCloud


THQ FlexoCloud is an eco-system with strict guidelines and technical parameters. From handling of the original file, through pre-press, the creation of the flexo printing plates, specified ink, correct chamber and certified anilox roll, THQ FlexoCloud is a methodology that allows an operator to create breath-taking results, the likes of which are directly comparable to litho offset.

THQ FlexoCloud is the latest generation of technology from Bobst to help corrugated box manufacturers to not only serve existing customers and markets but an opportunity to branch out with new product offerings. THQ stands for ‘Très Haute Qualité’ (translated from French as ‘very high quality’) – a phrase coined by its developer, Didier Guenu, owner of Graphilabel. Based in Reims, France, Graphilabel is a business that was set up over 35 years ago, specialising in security printing. Having started out producing sequentially numbered documents, the company started to work with banks for the production of chequebooks and during this time, pushed the boundaries in what could be done with security features.

Francois Chaume, THQ Project Manager, Bobst Lyon said, ’THQ FlexoCloud is achieved with only four colours. Thanks to the intricate combination of anilox roll, plates, specially formulated inks and a modified inking system, we can achieve at least 65% colour gamut with a standard CMYK process. This compares to an average of 45% colour gamut with standard HD flexo post-print.’

‘The fact we hit these high levels of print quality with only four colours offers significant cost savings in terms of not only the ink used but also a lower number of plates being used per job,’ said David Arnaud, Product Marketing Director, Bobst Lyon. ‘Brands are looking for the highest quality graphics, particularly for e-commerce, as consumers now engage with a premium package for the ‘unboxing’ experience – the point of re-engagement. But while the brands want better-looking packaging, they are also applying cost reduction and the best way for a converter to achieve this is to run lighter weight papers and offer additional value-added components, such as security features. Ultimately, the brands want cost reduction across the process; if a converter can print in high quality, apply security features in a single pass and run the box with lighter paper, then they can meet the challenge of cost reduction.’

BOBST THQ FlexoCloud is a win-win for manufacturers and users of corrugated packaging. An end-to-end ecosystem, a blend of the latest technology and processes that allow a corrugated box plant to deliver the ultimate in graphics, with the embedded value-added security features that brand owners need to help fight the growing volume of counterfeit goods.

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