Beswick Machinery Gives Back To The Community


Beswick Machinery, along with the Beswick family, believe in giving back to the community, with the company recently contributing to the Ekukhanyeni Relief Project.

Operational since 2005, Ekukhanyeni is a non-profit company and public benefit organisation that focuses on complementary community-based programmes that improve the capacity of majorly under resourced and marginalised communities in urban settings to achieve and sustain food security, and to provide effective early childhood care to its children and adult support network.

‘Beswick Machinery are passionate about educating our youth, and to do this we need to also look after our wonderful teachers, who give up so much of their time during the school day and after,’ said Mandy Beswick, Beswick Machinery Marketing and Project Management.

‘This particular project helped buy food vouchers for these teachers as they are currently not getting an income due to the epidemic to feed their own families, and most of these teachers are also still feeding the children who attend the school. These children are used to getting a meal a day as their families cannot support them. We contributed a cash injection into the relief project to assist them to buy the vouchers. We would normally also get physically involved by packing bags or handing out parcels etc., but unfortunately during the Covid-19 pandemic, we cannot.’

Beswick Machinery also support an organisation called Compass (Community Provision and Social Service) on a monthly basis. The organisation provides social services such as free day care, skills training and development and a woman and children’s shelter to name a few.

Another organisation the company supports is Surgeons For Little Lives, which uplifts the lives of children needing life changing surgery. ‘We also support Boystown, the NSRI, Oliver’s House, Avril Elizabeth Home and the Alberton Cricket Club. These are done as and when they require assistance with food parcels, school packs, uniforms etc.,’ concluded Beswick.

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