Colour Management Company CGS ORIS Launches New Brand Identity


CGS Publishing Technologies International GmbH was founded in 1985 by two young men with mutual visions and ideas. It is a true ‘start-up’ story, with a history that includes journeys to Silicon Valley to promote innovative solutions for the graphics industry.

Today, CGS ORIS employs roughly 80 people internationally, with offices all over the world, with development headquarters still based in the picturesque German village of Hainburg where the dream was born. It is a contrast between the building’s original brick structure dating back to 1911 and the innovative colour management, proofing software solutions, and specially formulated media for the graphic arts industry, developed here for the past 35 years.

This jubilee has triggered a lot of reflection and many new ideas. Bernd Rückert, CEO of CGS ORIS, and Isabel Bracker, Manager of Communications, elaborate on the intensive creative and conceptual phases they went through over the past few months.

‘After doing business for several decades in nearly every country in the world, we came to realise in some places our company was known as CGS, and in others, we were more commonly known as ORIS. CGS is the abbreviated version of the company and ORIS the product family name. We have now combined what has always belonged together to focus on a singular strong brand for the future, making it much simpler to identify products with CGS ORIS technology inside,’ said Rückert.

Without ever forgetting the company roots, some branding elements will remain consistent: As an example, the new company logo (on the right side in the image below) still incorporates the well-known graphic imagery. ‘In earlier designs (logo on the left), it represented a computer with a green power button and the text below creating a keyboard,’ Rückert explained.

Furthermore, the primary brand colour has changed slightly with a darker appearance and the new grey replaces the green colour used in the past. ‘The new colours perfectly fit us, our corporate identity and the new look and feel for 2020 and beyond. The colours are an ideal choice, even in combination with our existing product colour palette that serves as a consistent part of the overall theme’, said Bracker.

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