Baldwin Unveiling Printing And Inspection Solution


The Complete Solution for security printing can be any combination of feeders (roll or sheet), vacuum tables, inspection systems, inkjet printers, UV ink curing lamps, reject gates and bins, sheet stackers, real-time monitoring and reporting tools.

Besides Baldwin Vision Systems, optional solution components are joined together through partnerships with industry-leading leading suppliers such as MABEG Systems GmbH, GMG Graphische Maschinen Gesellschaft mbH, Konica Minolta Business Solutions Czech spol.s.r.o., AMS Spectral UV, and IIJ Industrial Inkjet Ltd.

‘What makes our solution unique in the industry,’ according to Isaam Lutfiyya, BVS Director of global sales and marketing, ‘is that you can easily configure a complete system with components from the best technology manufacturers in our industry. Yet, you will have one single point of accountability for installation, training and support.’

For advanced defect detection, Baldwin Vision Systems provides the Guardian PQV 100% Print Inspection. Its state-of-the-art camera systems can be mounted on one or both sides of the substrate to perform 100% inspection for print quality, variable data, and the most challenging security print features. As part of a data-connected defect management workflow, the Guardian PQV is a feature-rich inline defect detection system that enables printers to find and remove defects quickly, and monitor their processes to prevent defects from occurring in the first place. PQV provides complete print quality verification from prepress through production, reporting, and archiving for perfect runs.

Combined with the new Guardian RTM Real-Time Monitoring, printers can track and compare many different production metrics. Press managers can monitor changes as they happen, and make highly-informed decisions about print quality, defect management, and even operator-to-operator performance. Guardian OLP Offline Proofing and Inspection focuses on pre-press proofing and pressroom quality control.

Lutfiyya continued, ‘The Complete Solution delivers a dramatic reduction in substrate waste on every print run, making for an extremely fast return on investment. Additionally, printers can prevent future waste by monitoring and improving their processes with valuable performance data in hand. Add to that the peace-of-mind that comes with verifying the quality of every print run, and it’s easy to see the financial advantages of an advanced, data-connected workflow. With the modular and highly configurable nature of the solution, printers can start with an arrangement that meets today’s business needs and budget, and easily upgrade and expand in the future to realise additional efficiencies and profits.’


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