Baldwin Announces New Generation Of Print Cleaning Consumables


The next generation of PREPAC Advanced consumables features unique and regionalised solvent formulas, as well as a new sophisticated cloth material. Baldwin’s solutions decrease waste up to 50 percent and can cut cleaning cycles in half, enabling up to 100 extra production hours annually.

Designed for newspaper, commercial web and sheet-fed presses, the new technologies optimise production time by shortening the cleaning cycle and minimising waste. All Baldwin original PREPAC consumables offer pre-impregnated wet cloth rolls with high ink and lint absorption capacity, so printers can achieve cleaning results that are 100 percent accurate with every run.

‘With the new PREPAC Advanced consumables, Baldwin once again innovates blanket and impression cylinder cleaning for the print industry, providing technologies that optimise productivity and decrease the impact on the environment,’ said Tomas Anderbjer, President, Precision Applications, at Baldwin.


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