Axaio software Announces New Version Of Plug-In For Print Output Automation


Axaio MadeToPrint is a plug-in for print output automation for Adobe InDesign and Adobe InDesign Server, among others. By standardising print settings, merging multiple output steps and ensuring consistent output results through validation options, a reliable and efficient production workflow is ensured.

The update version 2.8.323 of MadeToPrint in particular extends the existing options for InDesign book processing: MadeToPrint, as Auto or Server version, offers the additional option of controlling output processes via job tickets besides the standard and hot folder processing. With the new version, the job ticket mode has been extended to allow InDesign books to be processed.

Following the same concept, MadeToPrint can now also handle InDesign books in the Enfocus Switch workflow to enable the processing of more complex documents that are managed as books.

Besides the revised MadeToPrint layer feature, which is based on the integrated MadeForLayers functionality, the MadeToPrint update includes the latest version of the pdfEngine. In the PDF Post Process feature of MadeToPrint, the current pdfEngine makes it possible to use PDF profiles from callas pdfToolbox 11, for example to take advantage of improvements in the use of process plans. A complete list of new features and bug fixes for the new MadeToPrint version 2.8.323 can be found here.

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