Company Anticipates Growth With Zünd Cutter Installation


The installation of a Zünd G3 cutter enables UK-based Design Packaging Group Limited to maintain the highest quality of service. The company can now offer quick turnaround from design to supply of samples and supply of production packaging.

As customer demands diversified, intricate design work has become a major client requirement. Design Packaging Group Limited replaced their previous case maker machine with a newer, updated machine, which will further assist with specialist projects. The previous case maker was great to use, but the company found that new Zünd technology offered the high degree of speed, accuracy and range of materials that were able to be processed.

James Budd, Managing Director at Design Packaging Group Limited, said, ‘The versatility and modularity the Zünd cutters offered was a huge appeal to us, especially the ability to just swap modules to cut different materials. Having one machine that can make both samples and production runs was exceptional.’

Following a demonstration visit to the Zünd Global Headquarters in Switzerland, Design Packaging Group Limited opted for the High Beam Zünd G3 Cutter to give them the extra clearance when processing materials such as foam up to 120mm, making them one of the very few Zünd customers in the UK to have this configuration. The machine further enhances the Company’s ability to provide a quick and efficient service to their customers.

The design team at the company create unique products with clean and clear cuts in the materials, ensuring that their customers would be able to transport their products safely and securely. Budd said, ‘It was a pleasure dealing with Zünd, we were very impressed with the passion that the company showed. At no point did we ever hear anyone at Zünd say we can’t do this; they were always able to find a solution to meet our requirements. We could tell Zünd had considerable experience in digital cutting.’ Production runs are planned more effectively, thanks to the advanced Zünd software tool which estimates cutting time for each job.

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