ATS Announces UV Curing Tour South Africa 2014


Advanced Technology Solutions (ATS) has announced the IST UV Quick Check Tour 2014 which will take place across South Africa at factories that have UV systems. Customers outside South Africa will be considered on request.

The IST UV Quick Check Tour will take place from 3-21 November 2014, the exact date and time of the individual quick check at your premises can only be determined once ATS has received all registrations. You will be notified in writing, latest friday 17 October 2014.

During the IST UV quick check tour, a highly experienced UV technician/engineer from IST-Metz headquarters in Germany will conduct a 'quick', but thorough technical, mechanical and electrical check on your individual IST UV system(s) to determine any existing faults, damages and/or false system settings.

The duration of the inspection will be approximately two to three hours per UV system excluding opening and exit meetings. The inspection will not result in press downtime over the entire duration, however certain tests will require short downtime periods. Minor faults will be attended to and repaired on site, provided no spare parts are required for these fixes.

On completion of the inspection, a detailed report outlining the status of your IST UV system(s), a list of necessary spare parts and necessary actions going forward (if applicable) will be handed over to you during the exit meeting. In the event of major/severe and labour intensive faults or damages (unlikely), the quick check will determine the repairs and necessary parts.

You then determine the way forward. if need be, an additional IST technician will be appointed approximately six to eight weeks after the quick check tour undergoing the 'repair tour'. Once all the necessary parts are available in SA the 'repair tour' will be at an additional, however reduced cost and is not included in the quick check tour.

All factories that need their IST UV systems checked, can download Registration Form Here.

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