Arrow Systems Releases Eco 300 Finishing Unit


The Arrow Eco 300 finishing unit is a tabletop blade finisher that can die-cut up to 38.1cm (15 inches) wide. The system features its own cutting software, as well as inline matrix removal.

Shaan Patel of Arrow Systems, Inc said, ’We believe this system has a place in the digital market as it fills a need for a low-cost alternative to the blade and laser finishers we offer. The compact design allows it to be used with any roll-to-roll digital printer, and it can also be used for pre-press sampling.

‘It is an extremely economical way to get into die-cutting your own labels. The Eco 300 allows users to switch from pre-cut media and use continuous media to be cut after printing, which can save users of small digital roll printers a lot of money. Pre die-cut media is extremely expensive, and having an option that allows you to cut your own media without breaking the bank is a nice option for brand owners to have.’

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