All @ One Stop Meets Expanded Customer Demand With Xerox Printers


All @ One Stop purchased the Xerox Colour C70, Xerox D110 and Xerox Workstation 7835 from Cape Office Machines and Bytes Document Solutions, to deliver a broad range of high-quality colour, black-and-white, and tabloid-size printing products.
These include standard stationery products such as business cards, letterheads, envelopes and flyers, black-and-white and colour copies and prints, and a complete range of supporting products such as license disks, posters, banners, flags, vinyl prints and signage.
All @ One Stop managing director Stavros Koukoufikis said that the all-in-one print and design concept was borne of the sheer lack of options available in the immediate area, and the growing demand from local residents and businesses for a full-service print shop.
‘For such a booming area, with a high profile business sector and mid-to-high income demographic, there’s a distinct lack of high-quality printing and design options available, short of travelling through traffic to the city,’ said Koukoufikis.
‘Our clientele are discerning individuals and small-to-medium size businesses for whom quality and reliability is a given, which meant Xerox was the only name in town as far as high-volume, high-quality, cost effective printing was concerned,’ he said.
‘But more than that, what we’re trying to create is the ultimate one-stop experience for our customers, which goes beyond great printing to include facilities for postage and courier services, refreshments, a barista-run café, free parking, and even refueling and car service options.’
Koukoufikis said the three Xerox machines were recommended by Cape Office Machines as the ideal starting point for a new but rapidly-growing printing business with designs on scaling up production and meeting expanded demand in a short space of time.
Cape Office Machines’ director Stuart Daniels said any new printing business needs to consider the types of services it’s going to offer given the demand and competition already available to potential customers.
‘Service can make or break a printing business,’ said Daniels. ‘There’s zero leeway for taking risks with the quality, reliability, colour matching and maintenance requirements of the equipment. New customers don’t want to hear excuses and first impressions are all-important. These three machines are proven workhorses at many of South Africa’s premier business printing centres, and give All @ One Stop incredible flexibility for expansion while keeping quality high and costs competitive.’

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