The company launched the :Advantage N HS Platesetters for high-volume newspaper printers and also demonstrated the new Features of :Arkitex Workflow Suite, designed to help newspaper publishers reduce costs, make them more efficient and productive, and increase quality, at drupa 2012.
The :Advantage N PL HS (Pallet Load, High-Speed) and the :Advantage N TR HS (Trolley Load, High-Speed) both run at speeds up to 350 plates per hour, 50 plates more than the :Advantage N.

The :Advantage N PL HS, a completely new design, can hold up to 6000 plates in a fully-automatic setting – two pallets of 3000 plates each. The system employs a unique and patented process that pre-separates the plates and slip sheets in the plate stack before plate loading. Regardless of temperature fluctuations, RH issues or long storage periods, the pre-separation process avoids plate and paper jams due to plates or slip sheets sticking together in a plate stack. Agfa’s patented auto slip sheet removal process offers less downtime with no paper jams and an efficient procedure for emptying the slip sheet.

The :Advantage N TR HS features a trolley to transport plates from safelight environment to the CtP imager. This gives customers who cannot switch to yellow safelight in the room where the CtP device is installed, the flexibility to more easily and efficiently load the plates in a separate yellow safelight environment.

:Arkitex Workflow Suite

Advanced workflow software solutions such as those found in the :Arkitex family can help newspaper publishers be more profitable in today’s changing market. The new developments we’ve created for our :Arkitex family of workflow tools demonstrate Agfa Graphics’ commitment to the newspaper market around the world, said Andy Grant, Global Director of Software, Agfa Graphics.

Among the software solutions with new features demonstrated at drupa include:
:Arkitex Eversify to automate mobile publishing via a cloud-based system
:Arkitex Portal enhanced with single layer color managed soft proofing, with page position indicators and annotations
:Arkitex Director including the ability to display soft-proofs as a flip-book and ad stitching
:Arkitex PressRegister to correct press-ready TIFF bitmaps for press mis-registrations,
:Arkitex Veripress to check a publication right at the press console with a combination of a high-quality display and a touch screen
:Arkitex Quality with OptiColor for automated color transformation and ink saving