Afinia Launches L801 Digital Colour Label Printer


The L801 digital colour label printer consists of a firmware and driver that supports custom colour-matching profiles created by software from Adobe, Heidelberg, HP, Kodak and X-Rite.

International Colour Consortium (ICM) output profiles can be created with these tools for specific label stocks and added to the driver to reproduce consistent, accurate colour across different materials. In many instances, L801 customers will see a lower cost per print due to the inherent efficiency of matching colour profiles to specific label materials. 

For many, this new feature will offer a great option for consistent colour. If a more complete colour matching solution is required, Afinia Label offers Wasatch SoftRIP. Wasatch SoftRIP accepts custom output ICM profiles and input profiles that match monitors, scanners and other output devices such as flexo and offset presses. 

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