Xerox Technology Helps Customers Safeguard Their Data


'Copier Secrets', one of the topics covered on Carte Blanche on Sunday, 30 August, highlighted how copiers retain sensitive data on their built-in hard drives and the security risks associated with this due to the potential for malicious retrieval. Xerox has recognised the risk associated with data storage on non-volatile memory devices, and has continually been building features and counter measures to help customers safeguard the integrity of this data.

Johan Basson, CEO of Bytes Document Solutions (BDS), the world’s largest distributor of Xerox products and services, said it’s important to expand on what was covered during the programme, as the copier and multifunction printer (MFP) are critical in the modern office. 'As the pioneer of xerography, the copying process around which all current office printing devices were developed, Xerox has always been at the forefront of development,' said Basson.

Xerox MFPs are intelligent devices that contain a computer and all the necessary software that allows them to accomplish the many productivity-enhancing tasks that have become so valuable in today’s workplace, helping make people more productive and more effective.

An MFP’s entire system, along with any device management software on the network, must be thoroughly evaluated and certified, so that all the users within an organisation can be certain that their documents and network are safe and secure from information predators – or even from internal security breaches.

'In that respect, not all MFPs are equal,’ said Amanda Hetherington, manager of Xerox Technology at BDS. 'That’s why a comprehensive approach, based on foundational, functional, advanced and usable security, is critical in safeguarding the vital information assets of today’s businesses.'

With its global focus on security capabilities and the provision of secure solutions, every product and service that Xerox offers was designed with security in mind, and to seamlessly integrate into existing security frameworks. 'Plus, security is managed throughout the entire product lifecycle, from requirements analysis, design, development, manufacturing, deployment, and disposal – giving customers more protection and peace of mind,' added Hetherington.

Xerox ConnectKey MFPs include McAfee Embedded Control integration, resulting in the industry’s first line-up of multifunction printers that protect themselves from potential outside threats. McAfee’s whitelisting technology detects unauthorised attempts to read, write or add to protected files and directories and sends alerts if they occur.

'Importantly, we work with our clients to understand their data security requirements,' said Hetherington. 'Where required, we collaborate with customers to secure their data right up to removal of the device. A final three-pass disk overwrite feature, which is proven internationally to remove all data from the drive, is done upon request, and the customer is also given a report confirming the success of the overwrite upon completion. For many of our sensitive clients we also manage a process whereby hard drives are destroyed and confirmation of this is provided to those clients.'

'We’d like to assure all of our customers that they are not at risk with their Xerox Technology. Data security is and always has been a priority for BDS and for Xerox,' said Basson.

More information regarding the security on Xerox devices is available on

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