Xeikon Unveils X 800 Software


X-800 5.0 software supports faster and more effective production. The latest X-800 version improves Xeikon’s ability to combine superior and consistent print with industry-leading productivity.

It allows more jobs to be processed faster with minimal human intervention, which improves accuracy, ensures repeatability and reduces errors, resulting in industry-leading productivity.

Jeroen Van Bauwel, Xeikon’s Director Product Management said, ‘We work closely with our customers and this latest version has been developed after listening to their needs. They want peace of mind that results from assured accuracy, consistency and greater productivity.’

‘We have created the X-800 5.0 with our four cornerstones of development in mind – improvements in colour quality, moving closer to green button printing, helping facilitate management and integration with the customer’s environment. We always look to provide additional ways to positively impact these areas.’

One key new feature is the ColorForecast tool that allows custom or brand colours to be reproduced correctly time after time, no matter what the final substrate is.

‘Everyone wants to meet the set expectations by producing the correct colour,’ said Van Bauwel. ‘With ColorForecast, this can be achieved in the prepress. It predicts if the file will print to the desired results. It can test and verify if the colour will match output. This reduces set up times and waste. Customers don’t have to print, check, send samples, wait for a response, modify settings and then print again. It can all be done offline.

‘Without printing anything, our customers can be sure it will match. It predicts the output without having to waste time. Customers want to be able to print on different substrates with confidence in the colour reproduction. They know what they will get,’ Van Bauwel continued.

Another feature, enabled by re-designing the calibration process, ensures Xeikon presses get up to quality faster, improving machine throughput and efficiency. It also provides immediate operator feedback on the engine’s status, providing perfect quality output. Van Bauwel explained, ‘We are very good in having stable output but with this new, incremental, calibration we can create the curve faster and more accurately. As a result, Xeikon presses can get up to quality faster, improving machine throughput and efficiency.’

For more complex delivery, Xeikon has developed shuffle imposition. It allows seamless mixed label production. This saves an extra step and time in prepress. It also allows end-users to be more creative with promotional campaigns and enabling the easy combination of designs and variable information.

The possible savings don’t end with printing. They can also be made in automating and optimising the flow, resulting in less setup and waste during finishing. Production times are reduced by enabling smooth inline production for maximum efficiency.

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