Xeikon Launching Leaflet Production Suite


Xeikon has announced two new exclusive world premières at this year’s edition of the Hunkeler Innovation Days event, taking place from February 23 to 26, at the Messe Lucerne exhibition facility in Switzerland.

The Leaflet Production Suite is the newest addition to Xeikon’s portfolio of Production Suites dedicated to the Document and Commercial print market that already include the Book Production Suite, the Document Production Suite, the Large Format Production Suite and the Wall Decoration Suite.

Together with its Aura Partner Network, Xeikon has developed these high-quality, high-productivity total solutions for some of the fastest growing digital printing niches. These solutions follow the growing trend in today’s print production environment for a wider variety of total solutions, and respond to the increased need for more colours and ever shorter print runs, resulting in digital printing volumes going up.

With the addition of the Leaflet Production Suite, Xeikon has developed an integrated solution that meets the demand for high-quality pharmaceutical and agro-chemical leaflets as well as for instruction leaflets used in general retail, i.e. in the electronic and cosmetics markets. Xeikon’s ability to print very small text at top quality with a 1200 dpi resolution allows for the successful use of microtext and therefore responds to the strict anti-counterfeit security requirements typical of these industries.

A brand new dry-toner digital press, that will announced shortly, will also be on display at Xeikon’s stand at the Hunkeler Innovation days. This press will be equipped with a Hunkeler Unwinder, a Web Finishing module that protects against damage in the converting device, a Hunkeler cutter that cuts to clean sheets, and a Guk Folding device, a single conveyor belt that stacks the leaflets. Finally, a camera inspection system, integrated with the print engine, offers quality assurance by checking every print, an absolute must for the pharmaceutical industry.

At the show, Xeikon will be printing on ultra-thin quality paper of 40-60gsm. This is made possible thanks to Xeikon’s dry toner that is specifically developed based on the requirements of document and commercial printing applications. This dry toner technology also offers benefits related to fusing, increased colour gamut and speed. The toners are available in the four process colours (CMYK) as well as five off-the-shelf gamut expansion spot colours (Red, Green, Blue, Orange, and Extra magenta). A Clear toner is available for printing security applications. In addition, Xeikon can also develop custom-made colours to meet specific brand colour requirements and print top quality on very thin paper.

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