Xanté Updates Excelagraphix EG4200 Printing Systems


Xante has announced the production availability of advanced barcode generation and printing on its Excelagraphix EG4200 and Impressia printing systems. The new barcode capabilities include types 128B, 128C, Code 39, Code 93, Codabar, EAN and Interleaved 2 of 5. Whether for packaging applications or product labelling, these barcodes cover greater than 99% of the barcode needs around the world.

Xante’s new release, iQueue 9 Ultimate PrepressWorkflow, works in conjunction with these print systems to allow the user to create barcodes from fixed data, variable data, or sequential numbering. IQueue can generate barcodes of any size, colour, or orientation.

‘This new barcode capability is just one more important piece of the ever increasing capabilities of ouriQueue Adobe PostScript Workflow and print systems,’ said Robert C. Ross Jr, Xante’s CEO. ‘iQueue is simply amazing and it’s our goal to make it the standard for workflow software around the globe.’

A free update for current users and a 30 day trial for iQueue 9 Ultimate Prepress Workflow software will be available for download on Xante’s website.

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