X-Rite Appoints DigitalView As Certified Service Partner


DigitalView has been appointed as X-Rite’s certified service partner for the Southern African region and will service, repair, calibrate and re-certify X-Rite equipment.

The service centre will be based in Johannesburg but will cover all areas in the country as well as neighbouring countries. DigitalView plans to hold stock of loaner devices for instruments that are being repaired. This means that there will be a reduction in the time that a customer will be without their instrument, greatly reducing the inconvenience of being without a device.

Until recently, X-Rite users have had to send their instruments back to the European Service Centre for service, repairs and/or re-calibration. This process was not only costly, but meant that customers were without their densitometers or spectrophotometers for a few weeks.

‘The investment we have made in training people, purchasing the necessary tools and jigs and stocking up on spare parts as well as loaner and exchange devices adds a new product line to our portfolio. But very important to us are the benefits this partnership with X-Rite will bring to X-Rite customers in the region,’ said DigitalView Managing Director Mark Minter.

‘Not only will this make it quicker and easier for X-Rite customers to service their equipment but it will greatly reduce the cost of doing so. It used to cost thousands of rands just for the shipping costs to send devices overseas for service. These costs have been taken away completely.’

X-Rite is in the process of setting up an exchange programme for certain devices, such as i1. This will be in operation very soon and will mean that faulty devices can merely be swapped out. Other products such as eXact are dealt with on a repair basis. In addition to being able to service and repair eXact devices locally, DigitalView will have the ability to re-calibrate and issue X-Rite certification of conformance for the device.

The DigitalView-run X-Rite service centre will not be able to handle repairs of all X-Rite products locally. However, products that are not able to be handled, serviced or repaired will be facilitated by the South African service centre.

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