Unibinder 8.2 Speeds Up Binding Process


Unibind demonstrated the UniBinder 8.2 at the Africa Print Durban Expo, held at the Durban International Convention Centre from 19-20 April.

The cover sizes that are available, and that can cover from one page to 340 pages, vary from small (which will do up to 40 pages), medium (up to 80 pages), large (120), and extra large (220) to double extra large (340).

The cover selected is according to the number of pages the user wants to bind. The covers provided have a backing on them (one side frosted, the other side clear). The user just needs to place his/her copies into the cover, before placing into the machine.

The red light indicates that the magnet below the element has been attracted to the spine, switching on the element, which is made up of a metal that heats up immediately, eliminating waiting time. Once the element heats up, it takes exactly 90 seconds to melt the spine’s resin.

The machine allows the user to crimp the documents. The cooling process takes a maximum of 60 seconds.

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