Turkish Company Diversifies With SCREEN’s New Monochrome Commercial Printer

Turkish Company Diversifies With SCREEN’s New Monochrome Commercial Printer

As customer demand moves to smaller print runs and shorter lead times, Temizis decided to shift to a digital commercial printer for its fast-growing manuals business segment as well. The company chose SCREEN’s recently released monochrome Truepress Jet 520HD for its quality and cost-effectiveness.

Ease of use, less waste production, excellent print quality and lower cost-per-page were the main arguments for Temizis to invest in the SCREEN Truepress Jet 520HD Mono when it decided to expand its digital printing capacity. The full-service Turkish print company is the first in the world to buy SCREEN’s new monochrome high-speed commercial printer, which delivers higher speeds and lower cost.

‘Meeting changing customer demand requires more flexibility, which is why we decided to step up our investment in digital printing,’ said Ufuk Akman, board member of Temizis. When choosing a digital press, Temizis looked for flexibility, quality and cost. ‘Response time is crucial for us and our customers. We work for big international companies who set tight deadlines and high standards. The SCREEN Truepress 520 Mono enables us to meet these criteria.’

As its customers seek to minimise their storage cost and print runs become smaller, digital printing has become increasingly relevant for the Turkish family business, which has experienced fast growth and employs more than 250 people. Ease of use is another major advantage of the SCREEN mono press, says Akman. ‘With digital printing requiring less manpower, we can continue to grow with our current experienced colleagues,’ he said.

Temizis’ investment in digital printing is indicative of trends in the current Turkish printing market, which is shifting to digital presses at an increasingly rapid rate, said Öncü Güyer, General Manager at Elektroser, SCREEN’s distributor in Turkey.

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