TRESU Showcasing Printing Equipment In Brussels

TRESU Showcasing Printing Equipment In Brussels

With the highly automated H5i G3 coating supply system for WB, UV or e-beam coating applications, printers can easily and efficiently control special applications and special demanding circulation tasks with high viscosity, high pressure, high flow, high speed and high temperatures.

At the upcoming LabelExpo in Brussels during September, TRESU will showcase a range of high performance automated ancillary printing equipment optimising ink and coating supply and the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

TRESU has introduced a modular condition-based service programme where customers can choose the modules they need and benefit from a hands-on thorough condition analysis of the specific equipment to enable long-term planning of equipment, parts, and services.

TRESU’s range of chamber doctor blade systems are supplied in carbon fibre, aluminium or with ceramic surfaces. Featuring pressure control and the fastest blade change of the industry, the proven TRESU chamber doctor blade systems optimise quality and minimise downtime for job changes.

Optimising OEE, TRESU presses combine outstanding print quality, high speed and fast job changes. The presses are custom-configured in almost any width, for multi-process, inline printing and converting presses in label, folding carton board, paper, laminates, metallic substrates and scratch off media. TRESU’s VelociDryer™ ensures powerful high-speed drying of water-based multilayer inks for uninterrupted single pass operations.

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