Toppan Showcases Secure Document Solutions


Crystagram PC is a transparent hologram embedded into polycarbonate substrates used for cards and passport data pages. It bolsters information security for passports and other government ID documents by being extremely difficult to imitate and also offers greater durability, consistent brightness after lamination, and excellent design.

IN-signia is a new technology that enables the inlay of polycarbonate data pages of passports to feature attractive design made visible through a window. This enhances both anti-counterfeit security and visual recognition.

‘Toppan’s advanced solutions can play a major role in enhancing security and preventing counterfeiting for passports, IDs, banknotes, and more,’ said Yoshiyuki Mizuguchi, general manager of global business development for Toppan’s security products business. The company is presenting its secure document solutions at Intergraf’s SecurityPrinters Banknotes+Identity in Copenhagen.


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