Screen Announces 1500th JET520 Press Milestone


Thanks to the strong support from users all over the world, SCREEN GA has now shipped a combined total of over 1500 JET520 presses, including OEM partner systems, since it was initially released in 2006 until October 2019.

SCREEN GA intends to continue using its established high-speed, high-quality inkjet technologies as it works to further improve production line automation and develop solutions that can resolve the many challenges faced by its customers.

It is confident these efforts will enable it to both open up new markets and contribute to the long-term development of the printing industry. The landmark 1500th system is already awaiting installation at the facilities of Access Direct Mail in the United States.

SCREEN GA originally released its pioneering Truepress Jet520 full colour variable inkjet press to the industry in 2006. The system combined cutting-edge inkjet technologies with prepress technologies refined by SCREEN GA over many years. Its development answered the growing need for printing companies to be able to produce high value-added materials tailored to individual consumers. Since this time, SCREEN GA has expanded its product lineup and solutions, and the press’ outstanding productivity and quality have driven the shift toward full colour, inkjet production for transaction printing and also contributed to the expansion of the overall variable printing market.

‘When the first Truepress Jet520 system was launched, informational materials targeting individuals were mainly produced with monochrome printing on pre-printed forms,’ said Takanori Kakita, President of SCREEN Graphic Solutions Co., Ltd. ‘The Truepress Jet520 series has continued to develop right up until today in tandem with the growth of one to one marketing and the migration of transaction media to full colour, on demand printing. In this time, a large number of innovative companies around the world have adopted Truepress Jet520 systems, and we have been able to successfully provide front line support to all of these users as they have worked to create new added value for both printed materials and the printing industry itself.’

SCREEN GA is also extremely proud of the contribution they have made to this initiative. ‘A great many of our customers have requested upgrades and additional systems and some have also been using their existing systems continuously in production since the series was first released. The relationship of trust we have built with these customers over such a long period has enabled our digital printing business to grow consistently. Going forward, we intend to prioritise our customer first mindset, with further integration of our development, production, sales, marketing and service activities. Our focus will remain on digital printing technologies as we work with total commitment to advance the printing industry,’ added Kakita.


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