Tilia Labs Releases Phoenix 4.3


Tilia Labs released Phoenix 4.3, the powerful imposition and planning tool that is fully automated through the new Automate module.

Once started, the hot folders will pick up Phoenix resource XML files or other third-party formats and drive the job to completion. Multiple layouts are now supported in all Phoenix workflows. Simply add more layouts to the job from the Artboard toolbar and start building new layouts.

Multiple layout support is especially useful when auto ganging a large number of product orders at a time. New camera marks are designed to work seamlessly with a variety of cutting tables. The marks are highly automated and feature a rich set of options to control mark distribution on the sheet. In addition, new enhancements make it is easier than ever to work with products in Phoenix.

Highlights include:
• Over 25 actions available. Automate artwork-to-die template assignment or auto gang products and export the finished job as PDF, JDF, CFF2, PDF/XML report, varnish separations, and more.
• Simple XML format for describing resource files and properties. Define resources or partial resources at setup time so only variable parameters and input files are needed in the incoming resource XML.
• Powerful scripting capabilities available through the JavaScript scripting interface. Use scripts to convert any text-based format to Phoenix resources and get callbacks when jobs succeed or fail to add your own custom actions. Text parsing and email libraries are available in the scripting environment to simplify coding.
• Real-time logs are accessible in the artboard via Hot Folder View. View all logs or get a view of all processed jobs.
• Optionally define output folders to use relative paths during export and save.

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