The Advantages Of Printing Tickets Using Flexographic Solutions

Ticket Printing And Its Advantages With Flexographic Applications

Focus Label Machinery has outlined numerous reasons for users to choose flexographic printing for their tickets. Despite the popularity of e-tickets, printed tickets still play a prominent role in our society. From sports fixtures and musical theatre to public transport and prize raffles, high-quality printed tickets remain in demand.

However, cost-effective and versatile print solutions are essential to overcome challenges which are specific to this type of printed media: most tickets feature a unique QR code, barcode,or serial number, while ink must be legible and durable.

Quick and cost-effective

Flexographic printing enables you to print large batches of tickets (e.g. for large sports events or music festivals) in a single cycle with speed and accuracy, without incurring the high costs per unit associated with small-batch digital printing.

Ideal for automation

Flexographic printing machines can automate the entire process of printing, cutting, slitting and rewinding tickets in line, providing you with the finished article in a single pass. Your or your customer’s staff won’t need to spend lengthy periods diligently separating each ticket roll by hand before shipping, enabling them to invest their time more productively and shortening the lead times on each order.

Low maintenance

Flexographic machines are durable and require low levels of maintenance, so you won’t need to regularly replace components. Not only will this reduce your maintenance budget, but you will have fewer periods of equipment downtime. The most important routine maintenance task you should undertake is the cleaning of the printing rolls to free them of dried ink and ensure a consistent, high-quality finish for each ticket.

Integrates unique information

With compact digital control and finishing systems capable of being incorporated into the production process, it is easy to add variable data or unique information within a large batch run of tickets. High-speed inkjet printing can be performed during production or at the finishing stage during slitting.


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