Tech-ni-Fold Introduces Finishing Solution To Eliminate Toner Cracking

Tech-ni-Fold Introduces Finishing Solution

Tech-ni-Fold Ltd has introduced an innovative and unique finishing solution that will address and eliminate the problem of toner cracking at up to 10,000 sheets per hour, with the advantage of being able to produce simultaneous multiple creasing, micro-perforating and trimming applications when required, without compromising on speed of throughput.

The CreaseStream Auto Plus, available in South Africa from Advanced Technology Solutions (ATS), delivers the ultimate creasing, micro-perforating and trimming solution for offset and digital printers who seek to achieve creative finishing applications with faster than normal output.

Creased and trimmed prints can be folded by hand or mechanically by integrating the in-line FoldStream system. With an array of special key features, the CreaseStream Auto Plus will process greeting cards, book covers, menus, flyers, brochures, CD/DVD covers, vouchers, order forms and a wide range of other products with equal ease. The special tooling shaft calibration mechanism allows ultra-fast set up from one thickness of stock to another, and the colour coding system means that users can instantly implement the correct style of crease or micro-perforation to suit the job.

The patented feeder, which holds a plentiful sheet load of up to 15cm, was developed to make the feeding of heavy card stock materials a simple operation. The unique design enables consistent and continuous bottom feed output, while eliminating the common threat of scratching or marking of the toner. Setting the feeder takes only seconds and works just as well processing lighter paper materials as it does 350gsm card stock and above. The connected Tooling Chamber holds up to six tooling options to crease and edge-trim for example greeting card material, making every folded card the same size. This helps to reduce offline pre-trimming.

Features and benefits:

– Eliminates ‘fibre cracking’ on a full range of digital and offset stocks up to 400gsm.

– Outputs an average of 10,000 sheets per hour.

– Patented Tri-Creaser Advance technology is the only application designed to crease both sides of the sheet to enhance crease strength and presentation.

– Simple colour coding system makes changing of crease styles quick and easy.

– Choose from four crease settings to suit the stock you are processing.

– Produces fine and flat micro-perforations on stock materials from 60-350gsm, so good that perforated sheets run through any laser printer or copier, trouble-free.

– Optional kiss-cutting tool available.

– Unique 15cm ‘top load’ continuous feeder, designed to prevent toner scratching and marking.

– Inbuilt calliper mechanism allows instant changeover from one stock weight to another.

– Can apply multiple creases and micro-perforations to sheets without reducing output speed.

– Includes guillotine quality gulley cutting and edge-trimming tools, created to speed up and enhance finished output.

– Bypass pre-trimming operations.

– Feeds maximum sheet width of 52cm.

– Add folding capacity later by integrating the FoldStream system.

Flatbed quality micro-perforating

Apply cylinder quality micro-perforations to a wide range of printed work. The micro-perforator produces fine, flat and almost invisible results, using 17tpi (teeth per inch), 25tpi and 52tpi blades that allow the perforated sheets to easily run through any laser printer or copier. The CreaseStream Auto Plus can easily integrate with the company’s FoldStream machine at a later date, which was created to apply a gentle plough folding application.

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