Taopix Announces Fifth Release For 2018


Continuing its mission in 2018 to deliver significant innovation in the photo commerce and photo personalisation sector, the fifth release of the year, 2018r5, focuses on a number of technical enhancements.

With the festive season fast approaching, Taopix are excited to announce as part of 2018r5 that calendars with month-specific designs can now have flexible start dates, meaning that if a client changes a start date, it will no longer affect the design for each month. Personalised calendars are extremely popular as gifts this time of year, and these additional features will give clients an unlimited personalisation experience. The release of 2018r5 also includes a feature to the online creator that notifies the user that their images are still uploading, to avoid users accidentally cancelling the upload of their images during product creation

‘With r4 focusing on our online and mobile user experience, we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to work on a release that has increased performance, branding and usability enhancements to finish 2018 on a high note,’ said James Gray, CEO and founder of Taopix. ‘We’ve especially wanted to focus on simplifying the setting up or changing of online logos and email signatures for brands that can now be done completely from the control centre,’ continued Gray.

Also included in the latest release of Taopix, is the ability to use local regions for Amazon S3, additional payment gateways and as always, additional security enhancements. Taopix are already working on significant releases for 2019.