Sun Chemical Corporation is supporting customers in the print and packaging industries as they migrate to using the Exact series of spectrophotometers made by X-Rite/Pantone.

Patrice Aurenty, Business Leader, Colour Management at Sun Chemical, said, ‘The Exact spectrophotometer is a revolutionary instrument that takes us to the next steps for digital colour communication, and we are very happy to assist X-Rite introducing this into the market, as well as into our own global colour platform.’

The X-Rite Exact brings to the supply chain a simple-to-use device that is fully compliant with ISO 13655:2009 measurement standards, which printers use to match proof to press across many substrates. With split-second measurement times and improved accuracy to simplify workflow, the Exactinstrument is the first spectrophotometer in the industry to offer customers a way to measure true daylight conditions by supporting all the M Standards inclusive of the complete M1.

Aurenty said that most of Sun Chemical’s print and packaging customers currently use spectrodensito-meters in their workflows, and once they have decided to invest in the technology, Sun will help make this migration a seamless process. The Exact instrument generates data that integrates seamlessly with the PantoneLIVE™ cloud-based colour service to give brand owners a means to connect their whole supply chains.

Sun Chemical is the preferred ink supplier of X-Rite/Pantone’s PantoneLIVE ecosystem for the packaging market, sharing digital targets of spot colours efficiently within the Sun Chemical global network.

‘When packaging developers and printers mismatch a brand’s spot colour, the error may appear at the proofing or printing stage, leading to multiple proofs and adjustments before the customer approves the job,’ Aurenty said. ‘Such mistakes are not only expensive, but they frequently lead to delays in product release and order fulfilment, mounting up losses in sales. PantoneLIVE solves this costly problem by dramatically speeding up colour approval by improving press make-ready time and achieving the right colour the first time on press.’

TheExact spectrophotometer makes colour measurements quick and easy for brand managers, pre-media, ink suppliers, printers and converters, while solving the widespread problem of measuring and matching colours on various substrates and surfaces.

In addition to using advanced measurement technology, the new platform is easy to learn, thanks to the intuitive software and touch screen controls. TheExact instruments can be set up to position key elements in the order most likely to be needed by personnel such as press operators and operations managers, giving user’s instant access to the tools they need, often in a single click. The platform uses X-Rite Graphic Arts Standard (XRGA) and Colour Exchange Format (CxF™) to communicate colour for easy data exchange.

Some of the features include:
• Faster measurement time of less than 1 second.
• Sequential measurements of M0, M2 and M3.
• An integrated tile for simplification and faster calibration.
• Support of CxF standard for easy data exchange.
• Colour display with touch screen technology, offering intuitive software that minimises the time it takes for operators to learn the instrument and options to streamline navigation of menus.
• ‘Best Match’ function quickly and easily determines if operators can achieve satisfactory matches on-press.
• Automatic detection of patch types (solid, paper, half tone, overprint grey balance) to reduce operator error and speed measurements.
• Integrated tools to determine if materials are within variety of standards (ISO, JPMA, G7, PSO) (Pro), as well as in-house standards/processes.