Sun Chemical Showcasing Portfolio For Graphics And More


DIC’s proprietary SEPAREL hollow fibre membrane technology for the degassing (removal of dissolved gasses) of inkjet ink results in consistently smooth printing, reduced substrate and ink waste, shortened printer cleaning times and lower printer cleaning costs. Unlike traditional microfiltration membranes, SEPAREL hollow fibre membranes significantly reduce inkjet ink evaporation during degasification and can degasify inkjet ink to the parts per billion (ppb) level.

SunTronic is developed for the growth in printed electronics and touch-screen technology applications. The range includes new conductive solutions, incorporating nano-silver particles for improved sinter at lower temperatures, advanced dielectric materials as well as its latest etch-resist solutions and masks.

SunHytek is a heat and humidity-resistant ink solution for high-tech, appliance panel and automotive applications, for which a combination of high visual impact and long-term durability is required.

SunCarte is a high peel strength, colour-consistent screen and offset inks, adhesives and varnishes for laminated plastic cards, while SunPoly screen inks are formulated for high-speed screen printing on a variety of container substrates.

The Sun Chemical team will showcase its technical expertise, knowledge and understanding of the diversity of end-user industrial-based applications by presenting its portfolio of leading inks and inkjet technologies used extensively in applications within the automotive, high technology interior décor, metal and plastic decoration, direct to product, functional print and printed electronic industries. The solutions will be showcased at InPrint 2019.


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