Stratasys Partners With Adobe To Broaden Adoption Of 3D Printing


Stratasys partnered with Adobe to broaden the adoption of 3D Printing with a new colour experience and simplified workflow for designers.

Stratasys Ltd. has taken colour 3D printing to a new level of realism and accessibility with the release of Stratasys Creative Colors Software, powered by the Adobe 3D Colour Print Engine, for its Objet Connex3 3D Printing solutions. The new software solution combines advanced colour management with a direct design-to-3D print workflow, and is an important step in Stratasys and Adobe’s shared vision of making 3D printing more accessible and easier to use while increasing creativity.

Stratasys Creative Colors Software brings the power and freedom of 3D printing to more designers around the world. By forming a direct bridge between Adobe Photoshop CC and Objet Connex3, it enables designers to easily 3D print their most imaginative creations without cumbersome 3D printing workflows. Stratasys Creative Colors empowers designers with an enhanced colour experience, including vibrant gradient colour palletes with expanded colour spectrums, improved textures and patterns support, as well as accurate, time-saving colour previews.

Stratasys Creative Colors further unleashes the potential of the Objet Connex3 for producing models and parts with ultra-realistic results that have never been possible before. By incorporating multiple gradient colours, patterns, and textures, combined with the 3D printer’s multi-material capabilities, a model produced on the Objet Connex3 can have the same look and feel as the final intended product, vastly reducing product development times while increasing product quality. The inclusion of Stratasys Creative Colors currently makes the Objet Connex3 the only 3D printer series that benefits from Adobe Colour Management and experience.  

‘Partnering with Adobe, a world leader in creative software products, aligns with Stratasys’ vision to make the colour 3D printing experience as simple, powerful and rewarding as possible. The integration of Objet Connex3 with Stratasys Creative Colors Software and the resulting explosion of colour possibilities is an important milestone in fulfilling this vision,’ said Dan Yalon, EVP Business Development, Strategy and Vertical Solutions, Stratasys. ‘Furthermore, our relationship with Adobe not only continues to push the envelope of 3D printed realism, it also promotes our goal to make 3D printing more accessible, bringing enhanced colour solutions to new important communities, such as Adobe’s creative designers.’

Stratasys is also announcing a new direct colour workflow from Photoshop CC to the Stratasys Direct Manufacturing parts-on-demand service. It enables users for the first time to send their colourful 3D files directly to Stratasys Direct Manufacturing from within Photoshop CC for Objet Connex3 3D printing. The experience is further enhanced with features such as direct quoting, validation and previewing.

‘Safilo is best in class in the eyewear industry, renowned for its craftsmanship, while at the same time always looking for innovative solutions. In additive manufacturing, Safilo has recently improved its prototype development process thanks to the adoption of Stratasys Creative Colors Software,’ said Vladimiro Baldin, Chief Product Design and Creation Officer at Safilo. ‘The ability to print prototypes with the same colour and texture as the finished product, has significantly increased our speed in developing new eyeglass frames. Now, using the Objet Connex3 3D Printer with Stratasys Creative Colors Software, we can push the creative boundaries even further, quickly responding to market trends and reducing our prototyping cycle from three days to just three hours.’

Stratasys Creative Colors is now bundled with all new Objet Connex3 3D Printers and can also be purchased for existing Objet Connex3 systems.

‘With this announcement, Adobe Photoshop CC users can now directly access Stratasys Objet Connex3 3D printers, whether locally or through Stratasys Direct Manufacturing, and easily produce their designs with gorgeous gradient colour and fine details. The combination of Adobe’s unmatched colour expertise with Stratasys’ multi-colour, multi-material 3D printing is a true game-changer for the creative design industry,’ said Adil Munshi, VP and GM, Print and Publishing Business Unit, Adobe. 

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