Antalis South Africa launched the ‘Start your day with Coffee’ campaign, to showcase and promote the entire Arjowiggins range of fine papers. Africa Print attended one of the launches on the 13th  November at Canteen @ Arts on Main and received a welcome kickstart to the day with breakfast and a set of 25 bespoke paper coffee cups.

According to Caroline Coughlan, marketing manager at Antalis, ‘We briefed Shift Joe Public to come up with a concept that was high impact and would promote our exciting innovative Arjowiggins range. The challenge was how could we ensure effective daily interaction with designers and our creative range of papers. Should we do another beautiful brochure, direct mailer, book?’

Shift Joe Public went digging into the designers environment – to find their sweet spot. In their digging they found clutter and something everyone started their day with. With this information coupled with a statement from Vanashree Govender, ‘We need to get designers to consider paper when they are designing right from the start,’ the idea was born and the process began.

The 25 bespoke cups were printed by Ultra Litho and converted by Detpak and are made from Arjowiggins paper wrapped around a specially coated base cup. Each cup explored a unique quality of the paper in a fun and engaging way. The cups made use of different printing techniques and finishes.

The concept was first launched at Sign Africa and rolls out during November around the country and is a highly unique and clever way to draw designers into the world of paper more and more. It was established that clutter and coffee play an enormous role in the lives of the creative mind so Antalis decided that by harnessing the role coffee plays they can effectively and hopefully with a long term benefit encourage the design fraternity to start every day the Antalis way!

‘Just like every day should start with a perfect pick-me-up, every project should start with the right paper. Kick start your day with this set of 25 bespoke paper coffee cups – made from our exclusive Arjowiggins paper range,’ concluded Coughlan.